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RXDGear 20mm Black Rubber Run-On Profile


RXDGear offers the black rubber run-on profile, 20mm thick and 1 meter long, for a flawless finish in various applications. This high-quality profile is an essential accessory for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

RXDGear's black rubber run-on profile is designed to create a seamless transition between different surfaces. Whether it's bridging the gap between two floors, protecting edges, or enhancing the aesthetics of a space, this profile does the job with finesse.

With a thickness of 20mm, the profile provides durability and resistance to wear, even in high-traffic areas. Its black design adds a sleek and professional look to any space.

The 1-meter-long profile is easy to install and ensures a seamless finish. Whether you're furnishing a commercial space or tackling your own project, RXDGear's black rubber run-on profile of 20mm thickness and 1 meter length adds the finishing touch you need.

Choose quality and aesthetics - choose RXDGear for the black rubber run-on profile. Enhance the appearance and functionality of your space with this high-quality accessory. Invest in RXDGear for a seamless finish that makes an impression.

Order here: https://www.rxd-gear.com/rubber-run-on-profile-black-20mm