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RXDGear Rubber floor

RXDGear Rubber floor
In this blog we explain the most important properties that a sports floor should have. There are many factors that together ensure good floor protection. Besides slip resistance, material density, strength and quality is especially noise minimization a very important factor. ...
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Help, choice stress! Which barbell is right for you?

Help, choice stress! Which barbell is right for you?
In many different forms of fitness, you use a barbell. Whether it is fitness training, home workouts, personal training, Crossfit or competitive, using the right barbell with the right specifications is very important. Which barbell best suits your needs and requirements is covered and explained in this article, giving you a good idea about the different barbells and how they fit your needs. ...
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Start working out in your home gym, how! Start with functional training!

Start working out in your home gym, how! Start with functional training!
Functional training is a form of exercise designed to help you perform functional movements you often do in everyday life a little better. An example of such functional movements would be lifting a child from the ground or climbing the stairs at work or at home. ...
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RXDGear – The professional fitness brand for functional training materials in Europe. RXDGear offers a complete range of high-quality fitness equipment and training materials. Everything from one source - more than 500 different products and everything from one warehouse! We guarantee you a fast delivery of our products and materials. Our in-house service and installation team will deliver and install a fully equipped CrossFit box, personal training studio, gym, company gym, physical therapy facility, medical centre or home gym within a couple of days. You can also contact us for individual training equipment. We offer a variety of premium barbells, Olympic weight plates, workout RIGS and RACKS, squat stations, kettlebells, dumbbells, benches, and boxing equipment. We will be happy to advise and give you helpful tips and further information about our products, the best possible use of suitable materials and the development and expansion of your functional training club.