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RXDGear Cerakote Barbell 20kg - Blue/Black | Elevate Your Strength Training

Infuse Vibrancy into Your Workout with the RXDGear Cerakote Barbell 20kg in Blue/Black. This versatile barbell is favored by a wide spectrum of weightlifters, ranging from elite CrossFitters to dedicated home gym enthusiasts. Its knurled surface pattern strikes the perfect balance between grip and comfort, ensuring a secure hold without being abrasive to your skin.

Boasting a pulling force of 190,000 PSI and a maximum load capacity of 680kg, this barbell is tailor-made for intense strength training, powerlifting, and CrossFit workouts.

The high-quality Cerakote finish applied to our bars not only adds durability but also offers a broad spectrum of colors for you to choose from. The RXDGear Cerakote Barbell 20kg, resplendent in stunning blue, is the ultimate choice for serious athletes dedicated to their strength training. It's designed for top-tier performance and promises unparalleled quality.

Featuring this high-quality Cerakote coating, this barbell isn't just durable; it's also a style statement. You can bid farewell to concerns about damage or corrosion, even during the most grueling workouts.

A solid grip is pivotal for successful strength training, and the RXDGear Cerakote Barbell excels in this regard. Thanks to its textured surface, you can train with confidence and precision, which is vital for powerlifting, CrossFit, and heavyweight strength training.

This barbell is versatile and adaptable to various training goals. Whether you're an ardent powerlifter, engaged in CrossFit exercises, or seeking to elevate your home workout experience, this barbell is ready to meet your unique requirements.

And last but not least, in addition to outstanding performance, the RXDGear Cerakote Barbell adds a visual dimension to your workouts. You have the freedom to select from an array of eye-catching colors, allowing you to infuse your unique style and personality into your training sessions.

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