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RXDGear offers custom-made artificial grass that meets your exact specifications

With a staggering 19 beautiful colors and the ability to produce it the way you want, you have the freedom to bring your own design to life.

Our custom-made artificial grass is specially designed for intensive use, with short fibers and high density.

Whether you want to create a unique sports field, personalize your outdoor space, or design a vibrant landscape, our custom-made artificial grass offers unparalleled possibilities. The 19 color options allow you to choose the perfect combination that matches your aesthetic vision.

Our short fibers provide a natural-looking lawn, while the high density ensures durability and resilience, even under intensive use. Whether it's sports activities or recreation, our custom-made artificial grass is up for the task.

Choose RXDGear for the freedom to create your own artificial grass. Unleash your creativity and benefit from high-quality artificial grass that meets all your requirements. Invest in RXDGear for a unique and durable solution for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

For price request, click here: https://www.rxd-gear.com/turf-custom-made