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RXDGear Olympic Weightlifting Barbell 20kg:

Precision, Power, and Durability

The Olympic Weightlifting Barbell 20kg is the king of barbells, designed for the serious weightlifting enthusiast.

With 10 needle bearings and 2 bronze bushings in each sleeve, this barbell offers an exceptionally smooth spin, allowing for precise and fluid movements during your lifts.

This barbell is built to handle heavy loads with ease, boasting an impressive weight capacity of 1134 kg. Whether you're performing classic Olympic lifts like the snatch and clean and jerk or engaging in intense powerlifting sessions, this barbell is your trusted partner in achieving your strength and fitness goals.

Experience the pinnacle of performance and durability with the Olympic Weightlifting Barbell 20kg. Elevate your weightlifting game and enjoy the benefits of a barbell that's fit for champions.

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