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RXD Gear offers two top-quality platforms for strength training: the Countersunk Platform and the Lifting Platform. The RXD Gear Lifting Platform is a premium platform for Olympic weightlifting. This platform is specifically designed to offer a safe and long-lasting training environment for dedicated weightlifters. The platform comprises a steel frame with rubber tiles to safeguard the floor against heavy weights and prevent injury to the weightlifter.

One of the key features of the Lifting Platform is its stable and level surface. This is critical for Olympic weightlifting, where maintaining the correct position and balance while lifting heavy weights is essential. The rubber tiles not only provide protection against damage to the floor but also absorb shock and minimize noise while lowering the weight.

The steel frame is another essential feature of the Lifting Platform. It is robust enough to endure the heaviest loads and offers stability and longevity. The frame has a black powder coating that protects it from rust and wear and gives it a modern appearance.

RXD Gear's Lifting Platform is designed for convenience and versatility. It can be easily moved and stored, making it ideal for gyms and home workouts with limited space. Furthermore, the Lifting Platform is compatible with a range of accessories, such as bumper plates and squat stands, making it a versatile training platform for any weightlifter.

Weightlifter safety is a crucial aspect of the Lifting Platform. The platform is designed to protect the weightlifter from injury and minimize the risk of injury. Hence, the platform not only provides a stable surface for lifting heavy weights but also ensures safe training.

Countersunk Platform

The RXD Gear Countersunk Platform provides the same high quality as the Lifting Platform, but with the added advantage of sinking the platform into the ground. This makes the Countersunk Platform ideal for gyms and training rooms where the floor needs to be level and the platform does not protrude. Like the Lifting Platform, the Countersunk Platform is designed to offer a safe and long-lasting training environment for dedicated weightlifters.