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RXDGear Olympic Training Barbell 20kg -

for Intensive Training and CrossFit 

The RXDGear Olympic Training Barbell 20kg is a serious powerhouse, suitable for both ambitious home athletes and the professional market.

This barbell is designed for intensive and heavy strength training and CrossFit workouts.

This barbell is crafted with a hard chrome surface, which not only ensures durability but also has an elegant appearance. The smooth and glossy finish adds a touch of sophistication to any training space, while the high-quality construction immediately stands out.

Thanks to the extra grip on this barbell, you can maintain a reliable and firm grip during intense workouts. Furthermore, the rotating sleeves are designed to allow smooth and controlled movements, which are crucial for technical lifts.

Whether you are a weightlifter striving for perfection in snatch and clean & jerk or a CrossFit athlete pursuing functional fitness, the RXDGear Olympic Training Barbell 20kg is ready to support your efforts. With an impressive maximum load capacity, this is the barbell that will take you to the next level of your fitness journey. Choose top performance, choose the RXDGear Olympic Training Barbell 20kg.

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