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Fitness floors from RXDGear

If you have a gym or home gym, it is important to have a fitness floor that provides safety and comfort during your workouts. At RXD Gear, we have a wide selection of high-quality fitness floors for every type of gym. In this text, we will take you through the different types of flooring we offer.

Rubber tiles

Our rubber floor tiles are made of high-quality, dense material that provides optimal cushioning and protection during exercise. Available in different thicknesses and sizes, they can be used for heavy weightlifting, Olympic weightlifting, crossfit and other intense forms of training. Our rubber floor tiles are available in different colors, allowing you to match the floor to your preferences and the layout of your gym.


- 15 mm: The 15 mm thick rubber floors are ideal for dampening noise and absorbing shock. They are suitable for light use, making them perfect for a yoga or pilates room, for example.

- 20 mm: The 20 mm thick rubber floors are slightly thicker than the 15 mm floors and therefore offer even better shock and noise protection. These floors are suitable for medium-heavy use, making them ideal for cardio equipment or strength training.

- 30 mm: The 30 mm thick rubber floors are made of coarser rubber granules for better water permeability and therefore perfect for outdoor use. They are made for outdoor Crossfit and weightlifting (weightlifting) use.

- 43 mm: The 43 mm thick rubber floors are the thickest floors offered by RXD Gear. These floors offer the highest level of shock and noise protection, making them perfect for heavy weights, strength training and weightlifting.


At RXD Gear, we have a wide selection of high-quality fitness floors for every type of gym. If you are looking for rubber tiles, we have the perfect solution for your gym or home gym. Our fitness floors offer not only safety and comfort, but also a professional look to your gym.

The included Run-On profiles are easy to install and combine with RXD Gear's rubber floors. They are durable and high quality, so you can use them for a long time during your workouts.

In short, the Run-On profiles are a perfect complement to RXD Gear's rubber floors and provide extra protection and stability during your workouts.