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Pull-up stick pair

RXDGear Pull Up Stick Set. Improve Handgrip with a set of two steel sticks, perfect for grip pull-ups.

Having a good grip on the surface you're holding onto is essential for some sports. That's why it's important to pay attention to grip training during your workout.

The sticks come with nylon bands that can be easily attached to any bar. The bands are fastened to the sticks with a sturdy iron hook. By using these sticks to pull yourself up and hold on to, you can train the grip needed for sports like rock climbing and weightlifting.

In addition to training your hands, the muscles in your forearms are used in a unique way, making them stronger and giving the athlete more control.

If you're looking for an effective way to improve your grip and strengthen the muscles in your forearms, the RXDGear Pull Up Stick Set is the perfect product.

More Information
Handle Ø (mm) 50
Extra tools comes without additional tools
Material Steel
Material Nylon
Color Black
Usage suitable for indoor use in fitness, physiotherapy practices, gyms, functional areas
Brand RXDGear
Warranty 2 year
Product code RXPU-ST-00
Price per piece