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Home gym package Silver


Discover the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Silver Edition

Transform your home into a fitness powerhouse with the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Silver Edition. Carefully curated, this equipment set is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and challenging workout, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your own space.

Package contents:

RXDGear - Olympic Basic Barbell 20kg (RXOB-LL-20): Elevate your strength training with the RXDGear Olympic Basic Barbell. Weighing 20kg, this barbell forms the foundation of your home gym, perfect for compound exercises and powerlifting routines.

RXDGear - Bumper Plate 5kg (RXRB-HL-05): Begin your weightlifting journey with the RXDGear Bumper Plate 5kg. Ideal for beginners, these plates allow you to gradually increase resistance and improve your technique.

RXDGear - Bumper Plate 10kg (RXRB-HL-10): Add versatility to your workouts with the RXDGear Bumper Plate 10kg. Perfect for a wide range of exercises, these plates provide a balanced and durable solution for your strength training.

RXDGear - Bumper Plate 20kg (RXRB-HL-20): Challenge yourself with the RXDGear Bumper Plate 20kg. Designed for serious strength enthusiasts, these plates offer substantial resistance, allowing you to push your limits and build significant strength.

RXDGear - Olympic Spring Collar Set (RXSC-PG-00): Secure your weights with the RXDGear Olympic Spring Collar Set. Easy to use and durable, these collars ensure your plates stay in place during intense workouts, providing a safe and efficient training experience.

RXDGear - Drop Pad Set 100x60x15cm Black (RXDP-BL-15): Protect your floors and dampen noise with the RXDGear Drop Pad Set. Measuring 100x60x15cm, these black pads create a safe environment for your Olympic lifts, allowing you to focus on your form and performance.

With the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Silver Edition, you have the tools to shape your body and build strength effectively. Take your home workouts to the next level, push your boundaries, and achieve a level of fitness you never thought possible. Unleash the power within yourself with RXDGear. Wherever you are, the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Silver Edition provides the versatile equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals. Start training today and work towards a healthier and stronger version of yourself

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