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Home gym package Gold


Transform your home into a complete fitness studio with the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Gold Edition. This premium package provides everything you need for a versatile and effective home workout.

Package contents:

RXDGear - Basic Squat Rack black (RXBA-SQ-00): Create the ideal foundation for strength training with the RXDGear Basic Squat Rack in black. Perfect for squats, deadlifts, and more.

RXDGear - Olympic Basic Barbell 20kg (RXOB-LL-20): Elevate your training with the 20kg RXDGear Olympic Basic Barbell. Ideal for powerful and varied exercises.

RXDGear - Bumper Plate 5kg (RXRB-HL-05): Begin your weightlifting adventure with the 5kg RXDGear Bumper Plate. Perfect for technique training and beginners.

RXDGear - Bumper Plate 10kg (RXRB-HL-10): Add progressive resistance with the 10kg RXDGear Bumper Plate. Suitable for a wide range of exercises.

RXDGear - Bumper Plate 20kg (RXRB-HL-20): Reach new heights with the 20kg RXDGear Bumper Plate. Designed for serious lifters and challenging workouts.

RXDGear - Olympic Plastic Collar Set Black (RXBC-PL-00): Keep your weights secure with the black RXDGear Olympic Plastic Collar Set. Durable and easy to use.

RXDGear - Wall Pull-Up Bar Black (RXWM-PU-00): Add variation to your training with the black RXDGear Wall Pull-Up Bar. Ideal for strengthening your upper body.

RXDGear - Powerband XS Black (RXPB-XS-BL): Improve your strength and flexibility with the black RXDGear Powerband XS. Light and versatile for various exercises.

RXDGear - Powerband S Purple (RXPB-SS-PU): Increase intensity with the purple RXDGear Powerband S. Ideal for advanced strength training.

XEBEX - Air Rower 2 with Smart Connect (AR-2-BA): Experience effective cardio training with the XEBEX Air Rower 2 including Smart Connect. Improve your endurance and strength.

With the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Gold Edition, bring a complete fitness experience to your home. Achieve your fitness goals your way, on your schedule. Transform your home workout with RXDGear today.

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