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Home gym package bronze


Introducing the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Bronze Edition.

Achieve your fitness goals without leaving your home with the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Bronze Edition. This comprehensive package is designed to empower you to work towards your health goals anywhere, anytime, regardless of your busy lifestyle. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this package provides the perfect combination of versatile and effective equipment.

Package contents:

RXDGear - NBR Yoga Mat 1800x600x15mm (RXYM-NB-00): Experience ultimate comfort during your yoga and stretching sessions with this high-quality NBR yoga mat. The perfect foundation for all your floor exercises, with an ideal thickness of 15 mm for cushioning and support.

RXDGear - Speed Rope incl. spare rope (RXSP-WH-00): Improve your conditioning and coordination with the RXDGear Speed Rope. Adjustable and includes a spare cable, so you're always ready for an intense cardio session, wherever you are.

RXDGear - Classic Iron Kettlebell 12kg (RXKB-CL-12): Build strength with the RXDGear Classic Iron Kettlebell. Weighing 12 kg, this kettlebell provides the perfect resistance for a variety of functional exercises, effectively activating your muscles.

RXDGear - Powerband XXS Red (RXPB-XX-RE): Add variety to your training with the RXDGear Powerband XXS. The red band offers light resistance and is perfect for strengthening small muscle groups and improving mobility.

RXDGear - Powerband S Purple (RXPB-SS-PU): Increase the intensity of your workouts with the RXDGear Powerband S. With a purple color and slightly heavier resistance, this band is ideal for strengthening large muscle groups and enhancing overall strength.

RXDGear - Foam Roller Black 33x15cm (RXDT-FR-00): Recover and relax with the RXDGear Foam Roller. The black foam roller helps reduce muscle tension, improves flexibility, and promotes quick recovery after intense training sessions.

Wherever you are, the RXDGear Home Gym Package - Bronze Edition provides the versatile equipment you need to achieve your fitness goals. Start training today and work towards a healthier and stronger version of yourself!

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