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Air Cycle ECO

Meet the XEBEX Air Cycle ECO, the comfortable bike for the spinning enthusiast. This Air Cycle ECO s very similar to a spinning bike, which makes it versatile in use. Do a short HIIT session or cycle for a longer period and use the console with heart rate option to monitor your workout.
Smoother, more comfortable cycling experience
The XEBEX Air Cycle ECO uses dual, improved Poly Groove belts with a self-tensioning system for a smooth and quiet experience during your workout. We also used a FreeWheel design to enhance your workout, just like on a real road bike.
A typical spinning bike has a fixed gear where the pedals are directly connected to the flywheel, which continues to rotate when you stop pedalling and pedals and feet have to follow movement.
With the Xebex Air Cycle ECO you will experience that when you stop pedalling, the flywheel continues to rotate, even though your feet are stationary. This forces the cyclist to use all the muscles in their legs to move the flywheel, just like on a real racing bike. In addition to training effectiveness, this also offers a much safer training experience.
Flywheel and damper
The air resistance based flywheel puts the rider in control over the intensity at all times. With the damper, the amount of airflow to the flywheel can be adjusted during training, increasing or decreasing the intensity. With the brightly lit display, the user can easily keep track of which resistance level the damper is set to.
The XEBEX Air Cycle ECO is equipped with an LCD display, brightly lit and color-coded.
The display shows resistance level, time, distance, calories, RPM, watts, speed, pulse and calories/hour at all times when you switch modes. Easy-to-read console designed for simplicity with the ability to track your progress using the progress circle. The progress circle can be assigned to any distance, calorie or time that you pre-set, or a standard 1000m lap. We've also included a color-coded display for wattage output and heart rate range, so you can track your intensity at a glance.
Durable Construction
XEBEX Air Cycles are designed for durability and firmness. Our 58 kg base provides a stable foundation for users up to 159 kg. We use metal and steel where others do not.
Easy assembly
XEBEX Air Cycles require minimal assembly. We provide all necessary tools, hardware and clear, illustrated instructions. Takes you about 20-30 average minutes to complete the job!
Easy storage and transport
XEBEX Air Cycle ECO is equipped with 2 small wheels at the front, so you can easily tilt the bike using the rear foot and roll it away immediately.

More Information
Length (cm) 125
Width (cm) 52
Height (cm) 120
Color Black
Warranty 2 year
Product code AMSB-01-E
Price per piece